Sydney Drag Royalty Mission Statement & Press Release

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Sydney Drag Royalty’s mission is to provide outstanding professional drag talent for our clients’ entertainment in a wide range of event and project areas including, but not limited to; bridal shower/hen’s parties, Christmas parties, corporate events, film and television projects, makeup bookings, photo shoots, private parties, promotional, pub, clubs and restaurant entertainment, and weddings.

Further to this, Sydney Drag Royalty aims to provide a stable, supported and fair work environment for our drag queens. In the future, we also hope to nurture and support fresh young talent and to increase our list of talent with appropriate and vetted new queens.

Sydney Drag Royalty (SDR) is a drag queen owned and operated talent management business. With the increase in awareness and appreciation for the art form, there has been a steady increase in the number of new and existing agents wishing to represent Australian drag. At SDR, we believe that only a fellow queen can represent drag with a true understanding of the many factors that need considering, in the making of drag performance art. Drag is a very niche occupation and only a fellow drag queen can truly understand what is involved in producing the best possible product and experience for both client and performer.

SDR is excited for the future and we look forward to working with and for you soon.